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🧶🪡SUMMER CRAFT FAIR - JULY 29-31, 2022🪡🧶

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Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation is looking for donated homemade items for our summer Craft Fair. We know that many of our SKD supporters are very talented when it comes to crafting, and our past Craft Fairs have been full of artistic, creative and beautiful items. If you or someone you know is interested in donating one or more handmade items, please contact

FB: @KathyFleming 


All items should be new and in good condition. Any type of handmade item is welcome, and items with a summer theme are encouraged. All the proceeds raised from the Craft Fair go directly to the care and support of our dogs at the SKD sanctuary. Thank you so much for all you do to help the dogs!


A reminder…Save Korean Dogs USA is looking for craft donations for our upcoming Summer Crafts Fair! If you or someone you know likes to create handmade crafts, please consider donating something you’ve made – we will showcase it during our online fair, and all proceeds from the sales will go directly to supporting the care and feeding of dogs at the SKD sanctuary in Korea. Thanks to everyone who has agreed to donate – we’ve extended the deadline to July 20th, and we’re still in need of items

We're getting excited for our upcoming Summer SKD USA Craft Fair (July 29-31)!! We're still looking for donated handmade items from our terrific, talented supporters. A Big Thanks to all of you who have donated already -- we will have some beautiful, fun, and creative items to sell! There's plenty of time left to create and donate -- please PM (Kathy Fleming) or email me at to let us know what you'll be making. The deadline is July 20th.

Here's a peek at just one of our lovely items: Samantha is modeling a cherry red stroller/pet blanket knitted by Babybug's adopter Anne, in a classic King Charles brocade pattern, in lightweight (washable) wool (and no, she is being very careful and won't be leaving any white hair behind )



"The Save Korean Dogs USA online Summer Craft Fair is fast approaching! In the coming days I'll be posting just a few of the many beautiful donated crafts for sale. Time is running out for donating items -- just contact me at or reply to this post if you will be donating; I will need to receive the items by Wed July 27. The fair OFFICIALLY starts July 29th and will be all online, so mark your calendars! Lots of fun, colorful, and creative items like these adorable, one-of-a-kind dog pendants created by Carolynn Russell. What a great way to support the dogs at SKD -- all proceeds go directly to the dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea, and allow us to provide them with food, vet care, and best of all, a life that is happy ever after"


"DAY 2 AND COUNTING DOWN...! As we get nearer to our Save Korean Dogs USA Summer Craft Fair, I am featuring different highlights each day of the many wonderful crafts that our supporters have created and donated....and, Today is DOG SWEATER DAY!!! OK, so it may be hot outside, but now's a great time to plan ahead for holiday gifts for your best friend We have all sizes, all colors -- the largest selection of individually homemade knitted sweaters you will find anywhere! All lovingly crafted by one of our strongest supporters! Here's just a sample of what you'll find when you visit the craft fair this Friday - Sunday. Tomorrow I'll post the website and Friday morning at 9 we will be accepting orders! Be sure to check out the helpful FAQ about placing an order, making payments, etc. And as always, thank you so much for your support of the dogs of SKD"


🧶🪡RAISED A TOTAL OF $1,190!🪡🧶

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